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Healthy Gums with Comprehensive Periodontal Care


Targeted and effective treatments for gingivitis and periodontal disease

Periodontal Services in Lexington Park, MD

Advanced Periodontal Care for a Beautiful Smile

If you are at risk for gum disease or we detect gum health problems, we may prepare a comprehensive periodontal treatment plan to restore the health of your gums. Protecting your gums is critical for preventing gingivitis, gum recession, tooth decay below the gum line and advanced periodontal disease. Dr. Vivek Amin and Dr. Tamara Strouth perform scaling and root planing therapy and the gingivectomy procedure to treat patients with gum disease.

Scaling and Root Planing

Deep pockets form around the gums when there is an excessive amount of plaque and tartar buildup around the base of the tooth. The space attracts bacteria which in turn causes inflammation of the tissue and leads to gum disease. An effective treatment for patients with moderate gum disease, scaling and root planing therapy is a nonsurgical periodontal treatment that involves deep cleaning the gums so the gums can reattach to the surface of the tooth.

We use special tools to remove plaque and calculus deposits that have built up around the base of the tooth. This eliminates inflammation of the tissue and can reduce pocket depth by up to three millimeters.

Gum Disease Stages

Gum Disease Stages

Janet's Testimonial

"I Was Really Happy to Find Dr. Strouth & Dr. Amin"

I would absolutely recommend Dr. Amin and Dr. Strouth because they are concerned about my unique, quality care. They are considerate of the lifestyle that I have… And they take that into consideration when preparing any treatment, and catering to my needs.

Periodontal Maintenance

Our doctors may recommend periodontal maintenance as part of your treatment plan, a series of deep cleaning treatments and check-ups to preserve gum health after gum disease. We will see you every few months to make sure the infection is not returning and perform a deep cleaning procedure to clean deep into the pockets.


We may need to surgically remove gum tissue when the gums have become inflamed or have developed pockets. We will remove infected tissue and smooth out the tooth root before reshaping the gums. We can perform this procedure for the treatment of periodontal disease and also for cosmetic reasons.

Other Periodontal Services

If you need advanced periodontal care for the treatment of gingivitis or gum disease, schedule a consultation with Dr. Amin or Dr. Strouth today.

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