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Maintain Optimal Oral Health with a Root Canal


Root canal treatment options for patients with damaged teeth

Root Canals in Lexington Park, MD

Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Smile

If Dr. Vivek Amin or Dr. Tamara Strouth recommend a root canal treatment as part of your treatment plan, you may be wondering what the procedure entails and what to expect. The good news is root canal therapy can be one of the simplest ways to save your smile and is less painful than most people think. We perform this procedure in-house to restore the health of the tooth and prevent the need for tooth replacement.

Reasons to Undergo a Root Canal

Many people do not realize that severe tooth pain is the result of an infected tooth that must be treated immediately or the infection can spread. Here are some of the signs you may be ready for root canal treatment:

  • Excessive tooth pain or toothaches
  • Chronic headaches caused by tooth pain
  • Swelling and bleeding around a tooth
  • Significant swelling around the cheek or jaw
  • Severe jaw pain

Benefits of a Root Canal

  • Saves your natural tooth
  • Restores ability to bite and chew
  • No more pressure when biting
  • Maintains natural appearance of your smile

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Lexington Park, MD

Ronnie's Testimonial

"I Had a Great Fear of Dentists"

I used to have to take medication to go to the dentist I was petrified when I was younger. I had multiple bad experiences where I screamed and cried the whole time – I have a great fear of dentists. Since I’ve been coming here, I’ve even gone as far as falling asleep in the chair when they were doing a root canal! I didn’t go to the dentist for years, because I was so scared of them. I would highly recommend Dr. Strouth & Amin for any type of dental surgery or anything.

What to Expect with a Root Canal

We offer sleep dentistry options to make your root canal procedure that much more comfortable. Most patients do not realize that this procedure is relatively painless and there is little discomfort during the recovery process. We typically perform this procedure under local anesthesia and offer nitrous oxide to help you relax during treatment. The procedure involves treating a decayed or damaged tooth by removing infected pulp and cleaning out the canals. The tooth is sealed with gutta-percha and we can then restore and strengthen the tooth with a crown.

If you think you may need a root canal or have questions about this procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Amin or Dr. Strouth today.

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