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Rebuilding Your Smile with a Dental Crown or Bridge

Rebuilding Your Smile with a Dental Crown or Bridge

One of the most common reasons why Dr. Vivek Amin or Dr. Tamara Strouth may recommend a dental crown is to rebuild a damaged or weakened tooth. We use iTero™ scanner technology to take accurate digital impressions to fabricate the crown. As of March 2015, iTero™ scans have been used in more than 1.2 million restorative procedures. We can rebuild and restore your smile with a completely customized dental crown or dental bridge using the latest technology.
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"I Was really happy to find Dr. Strouth & Dr. Amin. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Amin and Dr. Strouth because they are concerned about my unique, quality care. They are considerate of the lifestyle that I have… And they take that into consideration when preparing any treatment, and catering to my needs."
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Dental Bridges Restore Gaps in Your Smile

We can create a dental bridge to restore spaces between teeth by attaching a set of dental crowns to nearby teeth. This procedure requires taking very accurate impressions of the mouth. A bridge can relieve any stress on the bite caused by missing teeth and helps you maintain the natural contours of your smile after a tooth goes missing. One of the biggest benefits of a dental bridge is that surrounding teeth are supported and will not migrate into the empty space causing bite problems and further tooth loss.

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